October 25, 2010

Much research has been done to find a cure for allergies and there are many kinds of prescription drugs and natural remedies on the market. But, are they a hundred percent effective for allergy relief?

By exploring the root cause of allergies, it is possible to improve or eliminate them without taking any medicine at all.

All allergies have a similar root cause in common: separation with a feeling of fear. The only difference between the different types of allergies is what you are in contact with (the allergen) when the separation happens.

When the environmental conditions present at the time of the separation include being in contact or breathing something specific, such as hay, dust, food, or pets, the unconscious mind makes the connection between the allergen and the separation.

Let’s take a strawberry allergy. I am eating strawberries when I get a phone call from someone who tells me that my brother has just been killed in a car accident.

Until that day I didn’t have an allergy to strawberries and I still don't. But now the programming conflict of allergy is set and ready for action.

Next time I eat a strawberry (the triggering conflict) my unconscious mind will make the association: strawberry equals my brother’s death. The result is an onset of a strawberry allergy. If I was eating a tomato, I would have a tomato allergy, and so on.

In others words, each time that I am in contact with a strawberry and I have an allergy reaction, it reminds me that I am separated from my brother because of his death.

In my experience, when helping people with allergies, finding the programming conflict (the root cause) is crucial. We must express the sad emotion of being separated in order to find relief from the allergy.

The role of Programming Conflict and the Triggering Conflict in dog allergies.

Let's put it this way... You've never had dog allergies in your life and suddenly, one day, you're in contact with a dog and begin to have an allergic reaction. What just happened?

Often dog allergies start when you are young. But here's something very interesting... How come people who hate dogs don’t often get dog allergies and people who love dogs get dog allergies? Why do people often love what they're allergic to?

It's not uncommon for a dog to become a member of the family and to stay all of his life - which could be up to 10 years or more. What does the dog mean to the family?

For children, the dog can become their best friend and confidant. It's normal to feel misunderstood  by our own parents, brothers and sisters. With pets, we feel very close and understood - loved unconditionally. They can't talk but they do listen. The dog is always there when we need them, whether you are sad and feel lonely or mad and angry.

Eventually after years of being an important part of the family, the beloved dog will die.

As I mentioned, with allergies we are always looking for separation. Even with a dog allergy...

Yes, in the case of dog allergies, separation from the beloved dog itself is the cause. You have an allergy to dogs... Have you ever been separated from a beloved dog? Do you still remember his name? His color? Do you remember his loyalty to you? Do you remember the day he died? Maybe he was given away by your parents and suddenly you couldn't see him any more?

Let's explore what dog allergies all about? Separation.

When you are in contact with any dog, it triggers the memory of your own beloved dog that you are separated from. The pet that you can’t see anymore. The contact that you have with a dog is through his fur. Whenever you are in contact with dogs, it triggers the unconscious and sad feeling that you had when you were separated from your beloved dog.

Why itchy eyes? Eyes are to see... 'Itchy' eyes happen because you can’t see your beloved dog anymore.

Is it always this simple? No, of course not. Everybody is unique. Their situation is different. It's also possible that this information about dog allergies is not enough for your own dog allergy relief. This is where you need to see a professional counselor to go deeper into your particular dog allergies.

There's no guarantee that by reading this, you will be able to rid yourself of your allergy, but it's worth a try. It's important to find both the Programming and Triggering Conflicts and to thoroughly express your emotions. Often times, emotion is not completely expressed, even when we think it is.

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