Ovarian Cancer

November 28, 2010

By Martin Guay

The following is similar to that of testicular cancer because both of these cancers have a similar function in the body: to ensure procreation. Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer experienced his own cancer. And he was able to recover.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's research concludes that 'great loss' of a child or other loved one can be the root cause of ovarian cancer (or testicular cancer for men). For women, the loss of a loved one, for whom mourning is not complete, may trigger ovarian cancer. The brain is trying to find a solution to the unresolved loss by increasing activity in the ovaries in an effort to optimize performance so that they can somehow become more fertile and pregnant again, replacing the loved one.

However, of course, the loved one can never be replaced – consciously, we may not even want to be pregnant again. Somehow the tragic shooting of his son and his wife's earlier death were connected to Dr Hamer's cancer. He was determined, through scientific research, to prove and document this.
Most of the time, cancer appears after the second loss. The first loss is the Programming Conflict and the second is the Triggering Conflict.

For Dr Hamer, on closer examination, the death of his son recalled - unconsciously - the earlier death of his beloved wife. The great psychological loss of yet another person loved beyond reason, triggered his physical cancer. Important parts of this scenario are both the death of his wife and the later death of his son: the program and the trigger.

This story has obviously been simplified. There are details which are unique to each situation and as the body-mind has to completely understand and accept the situation in order to heal, it’s vital to thoroughly explore each individual case.

This makes it difficult to adequately explain to a ‘general audience’ the complete process, which can be equally simple and quite complex. I do want to make it clear that healing in this way is accessible to everybody with the right help. The body-mind is quite brilliant and requires only that we can bring to light and ‘show’ it (the correct) previously ‘hidden’ situation.

Often when a tragic situation that results in the great loss of a loved one is identified, the body is able to start repairing, returning to normality and rebuilding health.

This healing process might start with a simple headache - often symptoms get worse while the body is repairing. Please do not hesitate to go and see your health professional who can help relieve these symptoms, which may absolutely require medical supervision.

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